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THOUSANDS* of Women With
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
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Struggling hard to have children should never happen to anyone, however according to the US Federal Government: "An estimated five to 10 percent of women of childbearing age have PCOS."

Not only do many women with PCOS find it harder to get pregnant, those who do are more likely to suffer from higher rates of miscarriage, gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced high blood pressure and premature delivery.. 

I don't want you to be one of these sad statistics...

Stacey Roberts

From: Stacey Roberts PT, MH, PHD-C

Dear PCO Sufferer,

I'm the owner of "Sharkey's Healing Centre", a clinic that specializes in fertility issues in Australia and the USA. The clinic was started back in the 1980s and literally has helped thousands of women become pregnant with natural alternatives that many use in conjunction with assisted procedures..

I have helped countless women with PCO so I have witnessed what it's like to find out you have PCOS. You really can start to let it eat you alive if you're not careful or don't know someone who can help. You might even feel like less of a woman after months of attempted conception, irregular periods, excessive hair growth, acne, and piles of different unsuccessful treatments...

I moved into complimentary therapy when conventional medicine was not helping mewith health issues that I was experiencing. A self proclaimed skeptic, I researched natural health and has done a full 180 turn in my beliefs about what is necessary to maintain optimal health. I was the one who would tell people to get off those herbs and other supplements because they might kill you. After exhaustive research and study, from my experience with thousands of people around the world that my clinic and I have helped, there is no doubt in my mind that when going back to the basics of physiology and supporting the body with substances that actually supports the body up versus tearing it down is the best way to put you on the right path to improving your overall health.

What SCARES me and worries me the most...

Is there are women just like you who have been told they have no other option. They start trying In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), spend thousands of dollars on fertility medications, or even surgeries, dramatic diets or excessive exercise programs.

With the right strategy and education, whether you are overweight or not, you can avoid all these stressful and potentially unhealthy options right now and start following the simple 5 step process to taking charge over your fertility.

What Some Doctors Don't Even Understand Can
Have You Sleep Better at Night

Doctors traditionally are taught a very basic understanding of PCO. Most just tell you to go on the pill if you aren’t trying to get pregnant, or put you on other medications with horrific side effects in order to “jump start” your system. Getting answers from someone who's helped hundreds of women, and who comes at it with a woman's perspective can put your mind at ease, get a game plan and get the results you been praying for.

Many women have come to us at the Clinic because they've heard of a friend or relative getting help and becoming pregnant while taking on and implementing our advice. 

You must understand that this is only one piece of the total plan to increasing health and fertility.

The 5 Essential Steps to Boosting Your Fertility Levels...

Step 1 - The Correct Eating Plan

 Using a *Fad Diet* or quick weight loss plan will simply result in frustration and disappointment and make it much harder to achieve your goals.

 Choosing the right foods can improve the health of your eggs and balance your hormone levels

 Allow weight loss to happen without stress that would normally cause poor fertility.

 Learn how certain foods actually worsen the effects of PCOS and what role *genetics" plays in the development of PCO!

Step 2 - Remove Your Toxins

 Understand what chemical products nearly EVERONE has in their homes that can significantly impact your fertility... How many do you own?

 Discover how one specific chemical in certain types of fish could actually significantly increase your chances of miscarriage - and the secret to preventing it!

  Find out the horrible results of some chemicals on baby boys that occur while women are pregnant.

 Dig out the secret doctors would hate for you to know, or maybe don't even know themselves. Recent studies released actually discovered a natural chemical that works just as well as a medication commonly prescribed to women with PCO - Without the nutrient stealing side effects!

Step 3 - Appropriate Exercise

 You'll be brought up to date on how information has revealed that without the right exercise, you can easily put yourself at risk of cervical cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and more...

 One study showed that 90% of people who used similar strategies in studies of women who were not ovulating were able to shortly after.

Remember, there are no get fit quick schemes here!

Step 4 - Take The Right Supplements

The right herbals can help balance hormone levels and improve nutrients in your system, but what about vitamins and supplements? Are they really necessary? And did you know that most of them aren’t tested to make sure they make it in your body instead of the toilet bowl? Find out how to get the best supplements that actually are tested to ensure they get absorbed into your body.

Find out about 13 different supplements that can help improve your conditions.

Step 5 - Dramatically Improving Your Mind - Body Connection

There's no question about it, our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and emotions definitely affect our bodies. You're going to find out about some of the interesting suggestions the clinic has used at helping stabilize the mind and body to lower stress and effectively aid in pregnancy. These methods are supported by scientific studies from top universities around the world.

"After following your strategies, I became pregnant!"

Dear Stacey

"Thanks again for all your support and advice. I really had no idea how to deal with PCOS until I met you and heard the wonderful teleconference (ebook is based on the same information as the teleconference)  that you gave.

That really changed everything for me because that is when I changed my diet and lifestyle, and BANG!!!! I was pregnant!  I am now 13 weeks pregnant and doing well. I heard the heartbeat last week which was really nice and comforting!

Natalie NSW
(Note: Natalie had a healthy baby boy!)

"You showed me the way..."

Dear Stacey,

I have just finished reading your e-book on PCOS and found it very useful...I knew a lifestyle change was the best way to treat the problem, rather than rely on meds to treat the symptoms, but until now did not have an idea on the best ways to change my lifestyle - the e-book was money well spent!


Introducing "Addressing PCO - The Total Package"!

ebook coverThe total package covers in depth information on each of these
5 key areas
to decreasing the effects that PCOS and way more...

Here's what you'll receive:

* A complete healthy eating guide which covers 6 things you should start to eliminate from your diet today, and 14 new things to slowly introduce into your diet.

* What PCO or PCOS really are and the 7 symptoms that are often used to diagnose it.

* 8 blood tests that are important for you, some of which may not have been done and could be crucial to your health.

* Learn what often causes PCO and the entire science around it. Understanding this one concept makes fighting this condition so much easier!


BONUS #1 - $29.95 Value

"Addressing PCO" Teleconference

Listen in as I talk about PCO and what you can do about it. In order to help you get the most out of the Addressing PCO ebook, I put together this 60 minute teleconference. It will change the way you look at PCO forever. This explosive audio seminar (which you can listen to right on your own computer) is a "no-holds-barred" session where I reveal some of my most treasured tips and strategies to fight PCO.


"7 Simple Steps to Improving Your Fertility" Audio
($19.95 Value)

I explain in detail about how the Sharkey's System works and what you can do to help improve your situation.  You will hear from other couples that have been through the Sharkeys System and how it has changed their lives.  Some were skeptical, others have come back for number two or three, but all will tell you their story. 


"Fertility Eating Plan" ebook
($29.95 Value)

“If your hormonal signalling is out of whack, you can diet forever and exercise till you drop, but you will still not be able to burn off fat and get lean.”
Dr Ken Rosedale

A review of a comprehensive plan to take you on your way to long term health and improved fertility.


"Fertility Secrets Revealed"
($29.95 Value)

I know that when you read this report you will have information that can help you and possibly give you the answers you have been seeking for so long now. The “Secrets” contained in this report could be the answer that you need to improve your fertility and achieve your dream of having a child.

I hope that the information contained in this report does not stay “secret” for much longer. It is important information that every couple NEEDS to know right now.

These valuable bonuses are instantly downloaded when you purchase "Addressing PCO".

You See Above For A
One-Time Low Payment of Only $39.95

Imagine, just for a minute...

Holding that little bundle of joy that you never thought was possible...

Watching that baby grow into a beautiful child...

This is your chance. Don't waste it. ORDER now!

Remember many women with PCO who have followed my recommendations are now mothers of healthy children. You could be, too!

What are you waiting for? Claim your copy right now, before it's too late.


Stacey Roberts, PT, MH, PhD-C

P.S. You owe it to yourself and to your family to get this information ASAP and start taking charge of your body, mind and family planning. There's never a guarantee we can keep our prices at these extremely affordable levels with such extremely valuable information.

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